Rescue of a fox from a fur farm

Dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots… These animals and birds have long been tamed by man, and usually their upbringing doesn’t bring many problems to the owners. But what to do when a wild fox needs help? Save and try to tame, or leave everything to fate?

This cute red fox named Juniper was rescued as a baby. Juni’s mother was killed by hunters, and the baby was left all alone. By a lucky chance, she was found and brought to the house by kind people who raised and loved her all this time.

Juni’s best friend was a dog named Muz. Thanks to the great efforts of the hostess, these smart, but completely different in character, animals quickly found a common language and became friends.

However, a few months ago, the mistress of Juniper and Musa heard that one little fox cub was in dire need of help.

His name is Fick and he was born on a special farm where animals are raised for fur. The baby was found a congenital anomaly.Due to a bacterial infection, he lost his left eye and fingers on his hind leg, which made him unsuitable for farmers. The girl immediately, without delay, rushed to save the fox.

When tiny Fick was at home, he was completely intimidated and practically did not react to the world around him. However, Juniper and Moose immediately accepted him with love and care.

Juni even gave him her favorite rope toy, trying to somehow cheer up the baby.Moose constantly put his adored ball in Fik’s bed, with which he usually didn’t feel sad.

After a couple of months of care, Fick became more sociable and confident. Juniper protects him and loves him like a real mother.

“Foxes are not dogs, they have a completely different character.They are wild animals, the purpose of which isn’t to please a person. In fact, it is very difficult to raise foxes. You need to think three times before taking on this, but I don’t regret anything and love my pets like family, considering them full members of my family!”

The woman affirms that since they had baby Fick, Juniper has become much calmer and has stopped chewing furniture and spoiling everything around.

That’s what true friendship can do!

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