Rescued from the cold Amstaff Taylor and his two personal «heaters»

In November last year the Amstaff and Pit Bull Fund turned to all concerned with a request to help a dog freezing in an unheated house. The owner of the dog was taken to the hospital for an uncertain period and staff Taylor was left alone in harsh life conditions under the threat of a slow death from hunger and cold.

Taylor was rescued, taken away from Tula, fattened, warmed, operated on for a tumor on his leg and gave hope for a happy and dignified life.Moreover Taylor turned out to be a kind, affectionate, sociable, grateful, understanding and glorious dog.

Under careful supervision in the shelter, the baby warmed up, put his health in order and turned into a well-groomed handsome man.

Taylor found a family and gratefully accepts all the joys of a homely and well-fed life.And even in a wonderful company of children and red woolen pillows — cats.

Thanks to everyone who helped Taylor, gave him this chance. May Taylor and all his family be happy!

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