Rescued lion was delighted when he was given an Easter gift

Meet Leo. The former circus lion has endured much grief and suffering in his life, but now that he has been rescued, everything has changed. Surrounded by care and affection, the old lion blossomed and gave free rein to the inner kitten.

Leo and 32 other lions were rescued from various circuses in South Africa where the animals were cruelly treated.

«When we rescued Leo from the circus, he looked so sad and broken,» said a spokesman for Animal Defenders International. «But under the supervision of ADI, he really blossomed.»

For Easter, ADI prepared a surprise for the rescued lions. Leo was really delighted when he received his gift!

The gift included special toys made from straw, spices, clove water, egg cartons and balls of string. It would seem nothing special, but Leo seemed to feel like a kitten again!

Next month, 33 lucky ones will head to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Africa.

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