Residents of a Brazilian city were shocked when they saw who this dog was wearing

The silence and regularity of a typical day in Campinas was broken by this red-haired stray dog, who suddenly appeared from behind the garbage cans. You will be shocked when you find out who she carried in her teeth.

When passers-by saw the terrible discovery of this dog, they literally lost the power of speech. In the mouth of a stray animal was … a newborn baby. It was clear that the child was about to be born, his umbilical cord had not even been cut.

The dog carried the child to the nearest house. The housewife who saw this terrible picture was shocked. But, having overcome her fear, the woman quickly gathered her strength and hurried to help the baby. It’s incredible, but the girl was alive. The dog very carefully held it in his teeth, without damaging it at all.

The child was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where they provided all the necessary assistance. According to doctors, the girl is healthy, nothing threatens her life and health.

Campinas police are making every effort to find the biological mother of the girl who committed this terrible act. Meanwhile, the dog that saved the child has become a real celebrity. Locals say that in her image a real angel descended to earth.

Many have already wanted to adopt this homeless rescue dog. But Angela, as the locals called the tramp, remains true to her freedom-loving disposition. And despite the fact that all the residents of the area are now very actively feeding her, she continues to inspect the local trash and landfills. maybe she’s just checking to see if anyone else needs her help.

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