Residents of the city regularly bring sticks to the grave of a dog that died 100 years ago. Reason will surprise you

Cemetery workers are forced almost weekly to remove whole bundles of firewood from the place of the last rest of the dog. However, they do not want to complain, as the reason for these gifts is more than justified.

Rex the dog died 100 years ago. However, the townspeople still do not forget the kindest dog whose owner was the fruit seller John Stowe. He is called the American Hachiko because of his devotion to his master and it is for this reason that the faithful dog wasn’t separated from the owner even after they were gone and buried nearby.

Recently, a picture from the grave of a dog appeared on the social networks and it turned out that the inhabitants of the city periodically put sticks and tree branches there. Users immediately became interested in the post and, naturally, the question arose what is the point of doing this.

And one of the residents of Brooklyn wrote that in this way they express respect for a special dog, and which Brooklyn people tell from generation to generation. People who have lost their pets also come to the place of his last rest.

They put branches in the bronze legs of his statue and ask the dog to do the service of looking after their beloved animals there until they see each other in a better world. An amazing decision and a kind of superstition, which is observed by the inhabitants of one of the most developed modern cities.

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