«Robbery!» thought the owners as they entered the apartment. And the «robber» was sitting right in front of them

The family was shocked when they found their kitchen in a terrible state. All things were scattered, as if someone was looking for some valuables. Without a doubt, it was a thief who decided to profit from their things and steal something that the family cherishes.

So, at least, thought the people who returned home from the store. According to a young man named Dylan Raynor, he and his family were only away for a couple of hours!

And during this time someone managed to turn all the boxes “inside out”, pull snacks out of the wrapper, scatter sweets, tear paper and dump everything that was of interest on the floor.

However, nothing was stolen. And in general after a moment the family calmed down, as they understood what was the matter! The «robber» didn’t even try to hide, but sat in front of them with a guilty muzzle.

The «crime» was committed by their dog: a spaniel named Dory. It was she who turned the kitchen upside down and at the same time threw out all the things from the cabinets.

The mischievous pet didn’t calm down at this.She licked the sugar icing, smeared the chocolate on the floor and tasted the cookies.

However, Dylan is the owner of this nice dog, says that she is capable of anything.She can handle any chaos. Despite the fact that Dory attends a dog school and is taught «good manners», a little mischievous lives inside the pet who can’t without harm)))

“We really thought at first that a robber got into the house!” says the young man. “Only later we realized what really happened!”

True they didn’t scold the dog, especially since she looked so guilty. The guy says that he and his family breathed more easily when they realized that there was no robber. Moreover, they laughed heartily, although they had to throw away spoiled food and do a general cleaning.

“I keep telling my family that soon Dory will calm down and stop doing “miracles”, but apparently this time won’t come soon.” the young man jokes.

Well, it remains for us to wish this family patience, because their pet, apparently, is very inventive!

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