Roma is only seven years old and he has already saved 1300 dogs and was awarded the title «Child of the Year»

Kindness and mercy should be instilled in children from a very early age, and the example of a seven-year-old boy, Roman Makkon, is very revealing in this case. This little boy managed to save the lives of 1,300 dogs that were starving to death.

Even at the age of four, Roma showed special love and care for animals. And by the age of seven, he became the founder of an organization dedicated to saving stray dogs from being captured and confining them to a Texas shelter.

Roma decided to help the animals find their home and caring owners. For his noble work, the Humane Society of the United States awarded the boy the title «Child of the Year». After the first place, Roman and his mother went to New York.

In the big city, he began to talk about his activities. Even at the age of four, Roma asked his relatives not to buy him gifts for the holidays, but to donate this amount to help animals in need.

The boy’s mother, Jennifer, is very proud of him and said that in just a month Roman managed to adopt 31 dogs. The boy himself shared that he perfectly remembered the first stray dog, which he found owners.

It was a stern-looking bulldog named Sally, however, the boy wasn’t afraid of him and decided to save . And Sally has become an incredibly sociable and friendly dog with new, caring owners.

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