Romanian Tibetan Mastiff recognized the most beautiful dog in the world

Meet the Tibetan Mastiff named Boss. This beautiful pet is simply amazing and the whole world recognized him as the most beautiful dog. Boss lives in Romania.

Now the most beautiful dog in the world is four years old. After receiving this title, the Boss and his owners traveled to a dozen countries, where he received 350 awards at various exhibitions in various categories.

The dog is distinguished by its impressive size and weighs 90 kilograms, however, such dimensions do not affect its character in any way. The boss has a friendly, sociable and very affectionate disposition.

They buy the most expensive food, buy the best toys and care products.

By the way, the owner also ordered a copy of the Boss from a tree of his own size. The meaning of this act isn’t clear, but, apparently, the owner knows better. In addition, the dog is delighted with his copy.

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