Rottweiler adopts street puppy and raises him as his own

Abandoning a small puppy in itself is very bad.And if this is done in severe frosts, then everything is even worse and there is simply no salvation for such people. And so the volunteers immediately hurried to arrive at the address because it was necessary to act quickly.

Arriving at the place two rescuers began to look for the puppy.
They found the location where the video showed him to be, but he wasn’t there. The two women searched the area, hoping to find him before it was too late.

Finally, they found him trembling in a corner and rushed to his aid. The volunteer girl quickly picked him up, wrapped him in her own coat.

He had a very low temperature and looked emaciated and weak. The staff put him on an IV to prevent dehydration from causing frightening results.

Baby Archie quickly recovered and was soon ready for a new life. He was transferred to foster care, where he settled in well, ate well and gained weight.

Archie also made friends with the other dogs in the family. Archie was transferred to a permanent family holding Rottweilers.

The big dog in the house followed Archie everywhere, protecting him and showering him with love and tenderness. Dogs in general are social creatures and can accept any cubs, and even more so of their own kind.

In Archie’s case, the Rottweiler family decided to adopt him, perhaps considering him as their own puppy.

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