Saving a kitten, the guy wanted to give it to people, but his cat decided differently

When this kitten was found, he was in the middle of the road, along which every now and then cars rushed by. Wrong, the kid was very lucky, because he could be under the wheels of a car many times, but this never happened. The kitten was very scared, so he did not even move when one of the passers-by ran out to the road to help him. The man took the baby from the dangerous area, but he could not understand how the kitten ended up there.

“I went to the nearest house, but his owners said that this is not their baby and they do not know where he lives. Only later did I find out that the kitten was homeless because the veterinarians did not find a chip on it. I checked social networks, but no one wrote that the kitten was lost. I decided that his mother was homeless and gave birth somewhere in a secluded place, and this baby was too curious, so I went for a walk and ended up on the road, ”says the man.

The man posted his story about meeting with a kitten and looking for a home for him on social networks.

Not finding the owners of the animal, the man took him to his house. He planned that he would take care of the baby for a couple of days, and then find him an owner. The kid turned out to be unaccustomed to people, in the new house he immediately huddled in a quiet corner and sat there almost all day.

The next day, the baby grew bolder and came out of his hiding place. First of all, he met a ginger cat who lived in the house. The cat decided to help the baby get comfortable and took him under guardianship. The kitten was glad of such a company, especially since the cat looked after him, washed him, and they even went to bed next to him.

The animals quickly became best friends and did not leave each other a single step. Seeing this, the man did not separate the animals and left the baby in his house. Soon the kitten made friends with a dog living here. Although the baby has grown, he, as before, comes to sleep next to the red cat.

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