Several dogs blocked the road to help their friend injured on the road

It must be admitted that technological progress leads to greater comfort and convenience for people’s lives.However, at the same time, a person loses his face, becoming indifferent to everything except material values.

But our smaller brothers haven’t lost such traits of their character as devotion, fidelity, the ability to truly be friends. And we agree that their behavior is often much more noble than the behavior of people.

This story is an excellent illustration. A careless driver hit a dog on the highway and did not even stop to help the poor animal.

And it was then that a group of yard dogs realized if not they themselves began to act,that no one would help their friend, and it was useless to count on the callousness and indifference of people.

The dogs ran out and stood right in the middle of the road, blocking traffic so that at least someone would notice their fellow tribesman in trouble. Traffic, as expected, stopped and only one driver stopped and deserved to be called a man.

He took the dog to the veterinary clinic where she was treated. Fortunately, the four-legged didn’t have to suffer much and faithful friends came to the rescue in time.

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