Sharpen your sight and find the differences in 10 seconds.

More and more people enjoy entertaining themselves with skill games and intellectual tests that aim to stimulate the mind but also to spend a few minutes of their day in total relaxation.

On social media, challenges of visual puzzles and intelligence quizzes that must be solved in a short time are becoming popular. And the game we propose today fits perfectly into this category. The two images below may look identical, but they actually have three differences. It’s up to you to find them in less than 10 seconds.

Find the differences in 10 seconds

The game of differences is one of the most loved by both adults and children. It doesn’t require any particular skill but is based on good concentration and careful observation of the two images compared. Finding small details that suggest the solution to the test is not always easy because sometimes they are really tiny.

And in today’s case, we have photos of a child playing with a cat. The two scenes may seem really identical, but we assure you that there are three distinct differences that make them different. Where are they? Sharpen your sight and find them in less than 10 seconds. If you succeed, it means you are skilled observers.

Time has now passed and you should have already solved today’s test. If you found the three differences in 10 seconds, we congratulate you.

Otherwise, you just have to look at the solution we show you below. However, keep practicing and training your mind. Only then will you be able to improve your skills.

Solution: Here are the three differences

The differences were the white fur of the cat, the teeth peeking out as the child smiles, and the blue stripe on the shirt.

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