She asked to give her the cat that lives there the longest

Brenda from Texas spent a long time in the hospital and had a lot of free time to rethink her life. When she returned home, she realized that it was too empty and quiet here. Then the girl decided to get a pet. She wanted an unusual pet, even one that no one wants to adopt. With such a desire Brenda went to a shelter in the city of San Antonio.

She told the shelter staff that she wanted to adopt the animal that had been here the longest. Which no one wanted to take. Then the workers to the girl a cat named Nala.

The poor thing has lived in the orphanage for many years. She was found on the street already old. Nala has no teeth for a long time and plus she is deaf. So it was very difficult to take care of her.

However, Brenda wasn’t afraid. While she was in the hospital, she perfectly understood how bad it is to be alone, because no one cares about you.There is no one to hug and just support. When Brenda was given to hold the cat in her arms.she immediately fell in love with the new mistress with her beautiful emerald eyes and even sang a song to her.

So in that way Nala got a house. She got quickly used to it pretty and now loves to sleep on her mistress or on her pillow. Let that small period of time that is left for the cat, she will spend in love and care.

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