She went to the shelter with a box to choose a cat, but this cat decided to climb into the box herself

The name of our heroine is Miss Molly. She belongs to a very beautiful breed of Himalayan cats and is already at a fairly respectable age — she is 14 years old.

For a long time, Miss Molly had her own cozy home and a caring, loving hostess, however, unfortunately, her hostess became seriously ill and was forced to send her beloved cat to a shelter, as she was unable to care for her.

The cat got used to the home environment, warmth and love and endured it very hard. The employees of the shelter had no doubt that the incredible beauty Miss Molly wouldn’t stay long at the shelter. But there were also health problems, yet 14 years old for a cat is quite a respectable age.

But they took the cat away even earlier than they could think, or rather, they didn’t even take it away and she herself chose her mistress, deciding to leave the cold place where she was on a par with the rest of the pets and no one loved her the way she used to.

Once a woman came to the shelter to choose a cat. She left a box for the future pet at the entrance and went to look at and look for them. And Molly at that time was just walking around the orphanage. Seeing the box, she immediately jumped into it and curled up comfortably in a ball.

When a woman saw such a beauty in a box, she realized that she was the one she was waiting for and took this blue-eyed cat home. So, the luxurious sleek beauty Miss Molly again found a home and a loving hostess.

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