Sheepdog from Turkey became famous after he started shearing goats

Such interest on the part of subscribers is associated with a very unusual appearance of goats, which Adem takes care of. Recently, a man discovered that he has the ability to shear animals, while he makes the “hairstyles” of goats very unusual.

According to Adem, at first his unusual haircuts caused only ridicule from others, but over time he improved his skills, and former critics began to admire his work.

Now the farmers line up for Adem, wanting him to shear their goats as well, people come and just out of curiosity, to look at unusual animals.

When working on a haircut, the shepherd uses both a trimmer and scissors, and it takes him up to half an hour to work, depending on the characteristics of the animal’s coat.

“My wards like it, and so do I, because they look more well-groomed,” says Adem.

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