Shelter, cardboard box, hunger and fear.lately only this has been with the dog

In shelters, dogs have little space of their own, and it’s often cold and scary. The biggest dream is your own house, with loving hosts, a warm bed and cheerful walks in the nearest park.But when you live in a limited room with six hundred of the same unfortunate people, it seems that this dream isn’t destined to come true.

Sometimes a real miracle happens, and this dream becomes a reality.

When a person crosses the threshold of a shelter, and you immediately understand that he has come to you. The shelter staff try to warn him or even dissuade him.They say that you don’t go to people, that it won’t be easy to adopt you to life in the house, but the person simply brushes off their words, as if, just like you, he already knows that you will be together well.

This house is like from a dream.It is warm and cozy here, there are flowers in vases. Here you have a warm couch and your own bowl, in which there is always food. They also talk to you and go for long walks.

Every day turns into a real fairy tale, because people give you love , and in return you show your sincere affection for them with all your might.

This is how a dog named Dwarf could tell the story of his life. He lived for a long time on the street and in a shelter.And now he has his own house and a loving mistress, to whose feelings he responds with impressive sincerity.

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