Single man adopts baby with Down syndrome he loved at first sight: they are so happy together

Ryan Sciberras, a 32-year-old man, was a special education teacher in Saint Lucia, Malta.

He always dreamed of being a father, but after a few relationships, he decided not to marry and adopt a child to raise him as his own child.

But since Ryan was single, he was concerned that his adoption application might not be granted.

The man filled out various forms on his financial stability, his mental state, etc. And to his great surprise, he could adopt a little one.

Ryan found a little boy named Kay who was an orphan and needed a family.

“When I saw his photo for the first time, I immediately decided that the little one was going to become my son,” the man wrote online.

Ryan thought the adoption process would take a long time, but everything happened very quickly and the future father encountered no difficulties.

“I succeeded, the adoption is done, I have my own baby,” shared the young father on his page.

Friends and relatives supported the new father by giving him a stroller, a crib and lots of cute clothes for little Kay.

“I’m lucky to have a son and be surrounded by kind people,” Ryan wrote.

As a specialist teacher, Ryan had experience and although the little one had Down syndrome, he decided to do everything possible to give his son the best life.

Ryan’s parents also adored baby Kay and surrounded her with love and care.

The little one grew up and over time the bond between father and son became stronger and stronger.

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