Smart 11-year-old boy made a wheelchair for his teacher’s dog

Some animals have special needs and mobility problems. These animals need a little human kindness to help them and let them live their best lives.

That was the case recently when a teenager made a wheelchair for his teacher’s dog.

Dana Holden, a fifth grade teacher from Minnesota, owns a 9-year-old dachshund mix named Leonard whom she rescued from a shelter.

But unfortunately, her beloved dog struggles with mobility due to health issues.

“They believe some sort of tumor is growing, pushing on his spine,” Dana Holden told KARE 11. “His leg is just not getting the signals.”

A dog with special needs like this can be difficult to care for. It’s hard to watch your dog struggle to get around, but purchasing a pet wheelchair can be difficult and expensive. But fortunatly this teacher received miraculous help from an unexpected place… from one of her 11-year-old students.

One day, Dana brought Leonard into her class, and the dog made a big impression on student Emmett Richner, who decided to help him.

“He was just the sweetest dog ever and I thought I’ve got to do something to help him,” Emmett told.

In fact, Emmett is a real inventor. He previously made a dog drinker and an air-conditioned backpack. So he decided to make Leonard his own wheelchair.

However, it was not an easy task. The wheelchair took months of work to create, and his first attempt ended in disappointment, as the wheelchair was not large or long enough for the dog’s body.

But, Emmett did not give up. He built a new, sturdier model with bigger wheels.

He and his teacher tied Leonard to a new and improved wheelchair and it worked great. Leonard took off and began to move effortlessly around the room.

“It feels amazing,” Emmett told “I just love finally seeing him walk.”

Dana said that she was glad that her student grew up to be such a kind and purposeful person.

“A lot of kids will say that they can do something, but to actually have that follow-through and persistence,” Dana said. “I think he has just an empathy, and whether that’s from Elring, or just who he is, he’s got that in him already.”

What an inspiring story.Thanks to Emmett for helping this dog!

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