So different, but inseparable. The story of the incredible friendship between St. Bernard and Japanese Chin

It isn’t uncommon for two dogs to live in the same house at once. Sometimes they can not get along with each other, compete and be jealous. But there are also stories of true friendship, and between dogs of completely different breeds.

This is exactly what happened to a large St. Bernard that befriended a tiny Japanese Chin. This couple is simply inseparable.

Let’s introduce you to little Lila and her friend, serious and big Blizzard. Blizzard is patient with the pranks of his ward, for example, the fact that she enjoys riding on his back, like a horse.

Passers-by are already used to seeing a kind St. Bernard walking in the vicinity and riding on it a miniature Japanese chin. They love to walk, fool around and relax in the nature.

They also go for walks around the city sights, where they go on excursions, as always, little Leela riding Blizzard. So they walk around the town of Vernon in Washington. Little Lilu sits on her friend’s back for as long as she wants and he patiently waits for her to deign to jump.

Despite its large size St. Bernard is very kind and generous.The baby loves to watch TV, go to harvest also riding on it. And their favorite procedure is bathing.

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