So he was paid for his loyalty…

In Makiivka, on one of the central streets, a stray dog has been lying for a long time. Once it was a well-groomed, well-fed, and, as it seemed, beloved pet.

However, his owner decided to change his place of residence.And taking the dog with him, it seems, wasn’t part of his plans, since the pet fell ill and wasn’t as frisky and funny as before.

He dragged his hind legs with difficulty.And so he remained lying at the gate, where his happy years had once passed and did not understand what had happened.

He was sick and no one wanted him. Even the neighbors don’t pay any attention to him and only a passerby can throw a crust of bread, which the dog grabs with its paws, hugs and eats greedily.

Surely he thinks that he didn’t deserve such a fate, and also about human cruelty, ingratitude and heartlessness.

It’s really terrible, how can you abandon a family member if he has become weak? Would they have done the same with other relatives? And what is the difference between an animal, because a pet is the same member of the family.

And random people took a picture of the dog, posting it on social networks, in the hope that they would find him a home and caring owners, or at least take him to a shelter.

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