Someone set fire to the heating pipeline in which was a dog and her puppies

About four years ago, a puppy named Strudel appeared in the family of Olga Mayer. The fate of the baby can be called tragic.They wanted to kill him, along with his brothers and sisters. The animals were living in the heating pipeline when someone plugged the exit with a blanket and set it on fire. Strudel miraculously survived, the only one among the pets.

The kid was sheltered by a kind woman, but she soon had to leave. Then Olga took the pet for overexposure, but soon she became so attached to the crumbs that she decided not to return him back. So Strudel found a home.

Immediately after the appearance of the puppy, the girl’s family took another pet into the house, the past of which also turned out to be very sad. In February, people found a box on the street, and crying puppies were sitting in it. Nine newborn babies weren’t needed by the dog’s owner.So he took them out into the cold. Fortunately, kind people didn’t let the puppies die.

One of the babies, Zhuzha, also fell into the caring hands of Olya. She was infected with worms even in the womb, because of which she was very nervous and constantly cried all the time. All the worst is over both Zhuzha and Strudel are happy and healthy.

Dogs are friends with Olga’s cats, of which she already has five.

From time to time, the girl takes puppies and kittens for overexposure, and puts them in good hands. In this friendly family there is always a place for the injured and destitute tail.

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