Spotted horse, pony and doggy live together.The dog considers the horse his mother

This family lives in Holland and no one would know about them if it weren’t for the very unusual pets that have become celebrities on the social network. They keep a horse, a pony, and a dog.They are unique in that all three have the same Dalmatian-spotted color.

The difference in size between animals is different, however, this didn’t become an obstacle to making friends. The owner of the four-legged animals opened a special page for them on Instagram, where she publishes pictures of handsome men to the delight of subscribers, whose number is constantly growing.

The name of the horse is Nevada, the pony was christened Napoleon, but the name of the dog is Jack Sparrow and they are all very attached to each other. They live in the small Dutch town of Kotwijkerbrook. The owners of the animals are a woman Gretje Arends-Akvord and her heir Jolie.

Gretier professionally trains horses, and also founded the academy of people and horses, which has developed a unique training system that allows anyone to raise a horse in the most comfortable conditions.

In addition to the training course, she became famous for pictures of a wonderful trio. At the same time, at a young age, Jack Sparrow had attempts at a typical horse and considered Nevada his mother.Later, as he grew older, he nevertheless began to behave like a dog but still gets along well with horses.

And more recently, a woman delighted subscribers with the news that the wonderful family already consists of six members, since she sheltered three more spotted horses.

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