Street cat ran up to people and begged to take him home

In the spring, volunteers from the New York Animal Protection Organization received a call about a cat that had been abandoned in a parking lot in the Bronx. As eyewitnesses assured, the cat was very nice, but utterly soiled.

And yet, at the sight of every passerby, he resorted, as if begging for help.

Volunteers quickly at the address where they found the cat. As they assure, at that moment, the animal was limping on one leg, but still hobbling after them, plaintively meowing, thus trying to attract attention.

Mustachioed was given the nickname Winnie and brought to the nearest veterinary clinic. He had several old fractures and a wound on that same front leg. Winnie was castrated and treated.

Very quickly, the cat recovered and was ready to find a permanent home. After all, such a funny and cute cat would definitely make his owners happy.

And it happened very quickly. Now the wonderful cat has permanent owners. He was chosen by young spouses, who liked him immediately.

Now he lives in a comfortable apartment and he has what he couldn’t even dream of before. And this is what he dreamed about for so long after years of homelessness.

And we are very glad that this story about the unfortunate cat has a happy ending and all the sorrows of the animal are far behind.

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