Street dog kissed goodbye every puppy who people took home

The female pit bull, who would later receive the nickname Rainbow, was never very sociable and was not drawn to people. She had been a stray dog for a long time and what she had to go through on the street made her extremely cautious and distrustful.

In California began a severe storm with rain two days after the birth of her puppies. She hid her brood in the bushes, but there was very little chance that the babies could survive there. And just then she made a big sacrifice , she trusted people.

It can’t be said that the Rainbow was driven from everywhere. On the contrary, the local population often wanted to feed her or take her to a shelter but she constantly ran away. And when the violence of the elements began, the rescuers who arrived in time for the call could not determine the place where she was hiding along with her cubs.

They considered the bushes to be an unreliable shelter, but there were no other objects. The situation was complicated by the fact that it was in the dark and the downpour was getting stronger. Finally they were found and it was necessary to win the trust of the mother-dog.

She could have run away, as she usually did, but she did not leave her cubs. Rescuers expected the worst. The dog could have attacked, but it didn’t. One of them carefully took the puppy and pulled it out of the lair. Rainbow started up and in parting licked the puppy’s nose, as if reassuring.

And so, in turn, each cub received from his mother a goodbye kiss . The dog itself was in the den and did not know where the puppies were being taken. When she herself was pulled out of the bushes, she did not resist. As a result, seven puppies and a dog named Rainbow were rescued. She, under the influence of human affection, became very sociable and friendly.

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