Surfers heard a whale cry and spent six hours trying to save it

When a group of local surfers in Boca Barranca, Costa Rica, gathered to once again conquer the waves, they encountered an unusual phenomenon. Mauricio Camareno, that was the name of one of the surfers, and his team at dawn noticed a “black bulge” at the mouth of a nearby river.

And then from that very place the cry of a living creature was heard, so the surfers decided to swim closer to see what was happening. They saw that it was a small baby whale stranded about 50 meters downstream.

The surfers carried the unfortunate creature back to the open sea, but he seemed too tired to swim back, and, as Mauricio explained, could not even keep afloat.

But the story didn’t end there. Camareno and his buddies decided to stay with the cub until he regained his strength. This took approximately six hours. Throughout this period of time, various residents came to observe what was happening.

Some of them even contacted the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Costa Rica Coast Guard. Unfortunately, none of them answered.

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