“Take the dog on a leash,” shouted passers-by. It was not my dog, but I took

Noticing a stranger with a leash in his hands, Dick resolutely began to retreat. Not far away, he saw a playground on which children were playing and immediately went there. Probably, in the last family in which Dick lived, there were children, because he was very fond of babies and tried to stay close to them. Stopping at the very site, Dick began to wag his tail in a friendly manner.

Why did you let your dog off the leash? Buckle up immediately! one of the mothers, who was on the site, shouted to me.

— This isn’t my dog, and you shouldn’t shout and gesticulate so much. He does not interfere with anyone and does not threaten anyone.

— You have a leash in your hands. Buckle him up. Here is a place for people, for children, and you and your dog are stuck! Another parent joined.

“Don’t shout like that, I’ll take it now.”

My consent to take Dick didn’t stop the adults. They told the older children to drive the dog away, and they gladly agreed, grabbing sticks and stones from the ground. The children began to surround Dick, shouting in his direction, and he did not know where to run.

I realized that I urgently need to take Dick away, first of all for the sake of his safety, because it was not he who threatened the children, but they threatened him. Dick was confused, because he didn’t expect this from the children, but if they had time to attack him, it’s hard to say what the shepherd’s reaction would be, but neither the children nor their parents would have liked it, although it was they who tried to provoke the dog to aggression .

Dick was upset, hurt appeared in his eyes. He did nothing wrong and could not understand why he was offended. In search of shelter, the dog entered the open door of the entrance, we followed him and were able to put a collar and leash on Dick.

The dog did not resist any more, he followed Denis to the car, only occasionally looking around with a sad look. Dick didn’t know that he was wonderful, it’s just that people do not always return love for love, often showing unjustified cruelty.

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