«Take your fluffy happiness!» In Vladivostok, volunteers handed out cats for free.

Recently, a traditional cat show was held in Vladivostok, where everyone could choose a pet for free. This wonderful event was organized by the local volunteer organization “Save Life”.

This time, animal rights activists managed to find owners for 21 animals. This is an impressive figure, considering that volunteers have to keep fluffies in their apartments.

Animal defenders pick up absolutely all their wards on the streets of the city. Most of them needed veterinary care.

The cats were brought to the exhibition in cages covered with warm blankets. Despite the fact that it was cold outside, a huge number of people attended the event.

Traditionally, kittens were the most popular, but on this day, several adult animals also found a home.

Any person could take a pet for free, but for this it was necessary to conclude a symbolic “an agreement on the transfer of an animal as a gift” with animal rights activists.

According to this agreement, the new owner assumes the obligation to take good care of the animal and provide him with the necessary veterinary care.

Volunteers also reserve the right to control the owner and visit the pet to check the conditions in which it is kept. Thanks to this, animal rights activists can be sure that the animals are in good hands.

For many cats, a charity exhibition is the only chance to find a real home. Volunteers urge residents of Vladivostok to choose pets at such events, because their wards are in great need of love and care.

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