Test your abilities: You need to have laser vision to spot the 3 differences in these 2 drawings in less than 10 seconds.

You’ll need to have your eyes wide open to spot the three differences in these drawings in 10 seconds or less. The drawings depict a young boy squatting to drink water flowing from a pipe protruding from a rock.

The objective of the game is to spot the elements that differ between the two images or sets of elements. These differences can be visual in nature, such as a missing object, an additional element, a different color, a modified shape, etc. The player must carefully observe and compare the details to find all possible differences.

The spot the difference game helps develop observation skills, concentration, and visual discrimination. It also provides entertaining fun by challenging players to spot subtle details.

Are you ready?

You only have 10 seconds to spot the three differences in these images:

The young boy, wearing a red hat and carrying a backpack, cups his hands to drink water and cool off.

At first glance, the two drawings may seem identical, but you’ll need sharp vision to spot the subtle differences between them.

If you think you can beat the clock and find the three differences in just 10 seconds, why not give it a try?

Remember, you only have 10 seconds – and no cheating.

If you succeeded, congratulations, you have a keen eye.

However, many people have struggled to find all three, and you’ll find the answers below.

Others have also attempted to find them, but many haven’t managed to find either one, one only, or only two.


Were you able to find the three differences within the given time?

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