Test yourself: You need to have a laser vision to spot the 3 differences in these 2 drawings in less than 12 seconds!

Test yourself: There are 3 differences between the two images. But will you be able to spot them in 12 seconds? Let’s test your observation skills.

Spot the difference games are excellent ways to sharpen your observation skills and mental agility. They challenge your powers of observation and attention to detail because distinguishing between two nearly identical images is often a challenging task.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time while exercising your abilities, spot the difference games are a great option.

In today’s world, we need strong mental abilities more than ever. Spot the difference games are an excellent way to train your observation skills and stimulate your cognitive abilities.

How skilled are you at observing things? Let’s find out.

Spot the 3 differences in 12 seconds

The image above depicts two identical images where you can see a lovely couple holding their baby.

Although the images are nearly identical, there are 3 differences between them.

Take a close look at the two images, and you’ll notice the differences. The timer starts now. Good luck!

Were you able to spot all the differences in the picture of the couple within 12 seconds?

Congratulations to those who managed to find them within the given time. If you didn’t succeed, don’t worry because we’re about to give you the solution.


The first difference is on the headboard. Look closely where the woman and her child are. In one of the drawings, you can see that the small rectangle is larger than in the other image.

The second difference is on the shelf above the dresser. If you look closely, you can see that the arrangement of the frames is reversed.

The third difference is in the tree. You can see that the tree behind the window has a different leaf from one image to the other.

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