The bear Baloo,the lion Leo and the tiger Shere Khan

A tiger, a lion and a bear were brought together by a difficult childhood.They were found as cubs in the basement of their own house in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

They were on the brink of exhaustion. It was obvious that no one cared about them. There are no analogues of this peacefully coexisting trio in the whole world.

They were all taken together to an animal shelter located in the town of Locust Grove, where the kids had to recover from their many injuries and illnesses for a long time. The shelter workers named the Tiger Cub Sher Khan, the bear cub Baloo, and the lion cub Leo.

The trinity spends all their free time together, as if they are representatives of the same species. They are practically inseparable.Animals walk together, sleep, caress, eat. Initially, the shelter workers thought to resettle them in different enclosures.

However, realizing that these three had a common misfortune in early childhood, the animals were left to live together.


The Noah’s Ark Center (this is the name of this shelter) has become a home for one and a half thousand different animals. However, the uniqueness of Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan is undisputable.

As well as their kindness, the employees of the Center enter their enclosure without fear, calling the animals a real family.

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