The best place in the world is next to mom. Two dogs staged a «war» for a soft sofa

The dog Gypsy and the dog Kilo are brother and sister. Two adorable pets often compete when it comes to their favorite resting place the couch. And all because it is there that they have the opportunity to be next to their mother, a hostess named Holly Suarez.

The girl laughs, saying that her pets arrange whole “wars” as soon as she sits down on the sofa.

By the way, Kilo is usually much more agile in these fights than her little brother Gypsy. She always finds a way to free up a “vacant” place for herself.

The little sister fools Gypsy. Holly still can’t get used to what’s going on and she never ceases to be surprised!

Luckily, the dog doesn’t take offense at Kilo’s antics. Perhaps he simply succumbs to her and just pretends to succumb to provocations?

And to be honest, there is enough space on the sofa for everyone — both the hostess and her pets!

The girl, of course, loves both pets, but still she really likes to watch how dogs fight for the opportunity to be with her.

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