The blind dog was so hungry that he could barely stand on his feet

It is difficult to imagine to what extent this tiny and defenseless dog was afraid in a large and unfamiliar world.

He was no more than three months old when he was found wandering the streets. He was completely cold, frightened and very hungry.But people just passed by, as if not noticing or pretending not to see him.

At the same time the dog was sitting by the most crowded road and thousands of people didn’t bother to turn around and ask what had happened to her.

Hungry and full of hardships life on the street provoked many illnesses and she was already so weak that she could hardly stand on her feet.

But, fortunately, one day she met a kind man who couldn’t remain indifferent to her misfortunes.The baby was then shivering from the cold, but she was so weak that she didn’t move, she hadn’t eaten for a very long time.

The man took her and immediately took her to the veterinary clinic. There she was left for a few days to undergo treatment and gain weight.And it was also there that they discovered that she was blind and, unfortunately, it was impossible to help.

But the man didn’t refuse her, but did everything so that she understood what love and care are. Now she lives in a warm house and will never know what hunger is again.

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