The bus driver saw a dog on the side of the road and could not pass by

Seeing the dog near the bus stop, the bus driver couldn’t just ignore. Although he was already finishing his shift, something made him stop and open the doors for the dog.

At the end of the day, a bus driver named Hicham from the Saramyaki region of Finland saw a dog near the bus stop. She seemed to be waiting for the bus, and at the sight of this picture, the man couldn’t restrain himself. Although he could have passed by, he decided to stop and open the doors of the bus.

The dog was immediately delighted, accepted the invitation and went into the bus. The bus was empty and the fluffy passenger calmly sat down in the seat next to the driver. «He calmly walked into the cabin and gently lay down on the seat next to me. I was surprised,» Hicham said.

The dog turned out to be a diligent passenger. The driver drove a couple of stops to the parking lot, and immediately contacted the local animal shelter to help his unusual passenger. Fortunately, everything ended well.It turned out that the dog got lost and ran away from his area and the worried owners had been looking for him for several hours.

Thanks to the bus driver, the dog was reunited with his owners and they did not have to spend a sleepless night looking for a pet. Thank you kind man for this.

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