The cat asked for love and affection, but the owner was tired of it and he gave the pet to a shelter

This red cat loved to sit on his lap and purr affectionately, but his need for love was denied and he couldn’t do what a normal house cat should normally do.

Jacques, that was the name of our hero and his owner left him in a Michigan shelter, which was specifically for cats. The man abandoned this wonderful cat, because he demanded too much attention to himself according to the negligent owner.

He had one favorite pastime to sit on his knees, but the owner didn’t like it and the question arises, for what purpose did he decide to keep a pet at home.

In the orphanage, Jacques was very sad and the change of scenery made him anxious and nervous, but as soon as the workers took him in their arms, he affectionately curled up in a ball and purred again.

The shelter staff very actively began to look for a home and a caring owner for such a sweet and affectionate purr. They wrote about him on the page of the shelter in the social network and lined up a whole line of people who wanted to shelter him.

The social users wondered how such a wonderful creature could cause irritation? Of all the candidates for the future owners of the cat, the woman Lisa was chosen, and when she and her husband arrived to pick him up, Jacques immediately charmed.

He immediately climbed onto the man’s lap and began to purr.They realized that they were unable to refuse this red cat, and so, Jacques, who loves being petted, got what he wanted.

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