The cat crawled out of her last strength to people for help and they only took pictures of her

In the spring, our overexposure for homeless animals was still working, and this is where this cat ended up.

Someone wrote about her in a local public, attaching a couple of photos of a cat lying in the middle of the road. Most considered the photo to be a suitable subject for jokes, but one person realized that the cat was lying on the road for a reason, so he went to the place, took the animal and brought it to us.

The cat was weak, thin and emaciated.

The nose and eyes of the animal were covered with a thick layer of pus, because of which she could not breathe normally, gasping for air with difficulty. The eyes also did not open, therefore, it became clear that the cat crawled out onto the road in order to attract the attention of people and ask for help.

We immediately started treatment.This process turned out to be long and troublesome.

The cat couldn’t eat, so that she would not die of exhaustion and dehydration, she was given droppers and injections every day, which she bravely endured, not even trying to break free or complain.

We named the cat Murashka. She turned out to be affectionate, kind and quiet, however, no one was interested in these qualities of her.

For a long time we tried to find Murashka a home and a family, but no one wanted to take her away.

When it became known that the overexposure would have to be closed, Goosebumps was taken in by one of the volunteers. Knowing what difficulties she had to go through, the man simply could not leave the cat on the street, although he already had 5 cats living at home.

Murashka has recovered, only a runny nose, which begins with the advent of cold weather, reminds her of a terrible past.

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