The cat did not want to live in a new house without her friend, the dog. Nature loves exceptions

This love story is completely real. It is about devotion and fidelity, tenderness and affection that animals are capable of. But we will immediately warn you that this story is not ordinary, however, this does not make it less touching.

Just two and a half years ago, animal rights activists picked up a wandering sad dog, who had seen a lot of grief from humans. The paws of the animal were broken, the jaw was damaged and he was very frightened.

Mirosha, such a nickname was given to the dog, for several months they actively treated both mental and physical wounds. Then came the stage of his socialization.

Once, a newly arrived cat, Julie, was placed with Mirosha. She was completely wild and didn’t want to contact people. But she immediately went to Mirosha, as if she felt that she could get protection from him.

And just like that, Julie began to become attached to the dog and was constantly there.And when the dog was sleeping, the cat could climb on his head and settle down under his belly, hugging him with her paws, and even after she was spayed, her love did not become less and gave him all sorts of attention.

The dog and the cat became so friendly that the employees didn’t know how to behave and what to do with them, since the affection was obvious and very strong.

Soon the family agreed to adopt the cat, but she refused to live in a new house without her friend, and when she was returned to the shelter, she was very happy and rushed to her beloved Miron.

Now the curators are making every effort to take them into one family.

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