The cat gave birth to five kittens that look like kangaroos.The kids jump on their hind legs

In one of the Washington animal shelters, the cat became the mother of five kittens. All the babies had a common pathology : shortened forelimbs and extra fingers on their paws. Due to their anomaly, kittens cann’t move like their other relatives, they overcome distances by jumping, as kangaroos do. Veterinarians say that the abnormal development of the limbs of kittens is the result of a genetic anomaly called radial hypoplasia.

In such situations, animals are often euthanized, but the shelter staff acted differently. Volunteers contacted the animal protection organization, its employee took the babies for overexposure. Mom and her five unusual kids became Ashley Morrison’s wards.

Despite the difficulties with movement, all the kittens turned out to be very active and immediately began to explore the girl’s house, and after getting used to it a little, they started running around the rooms. Very soon, their mother joined the kids, who at first in the new house was serious and constrained. Having run enough, the kittens went to bed, they also prefer to do this together. When the kids grow up, each of them will find a new home, but while they live with Ashley, they prefer to stick together.

According to veterinarians, the genetic mutation does not have a serious impact on the lives of kittens, and they also do not require special care. Babies differ from their relatives in appearance and manner of walking, or rather, jumping.

Ashley is sure that cute and affectionate kittens will definitely find new families for themselves, and their unusual appearance of their paws and a funny way of moving will not scare off potential owners.

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