The cat that lost her kittens became a mother to lonely puppies: she nursed them and cared for them.

After being cast out onto the street following the birth of her kittens, a cat named Katya experienced a tragedy: all her little ones died, despite the efforts of animal shelter staff to save them. During her time at the shelter, Katya became withdrawn and melancholic, avoiding any contact.

But her life took a dramatic turn when four Border Collie puppies were brought to the shelter. The puppies were just three weeks old and needed maternal care and nourishment. Katya still had milk left from giving birth to her own kittens, and she instantly responded to the puppies’ needs.

The puppies intuitively felt that Katya could feed them and began seeking her milk. Katya, in turn, happily accommodated them, making sure the little ones were comfortable. She started spending time with them, caring for and protecting them from harm.

«Katya became a completely different cat after meeting these little ones,» says one of the shelter staff members. «It was as if she needed this care herself, and we were very happy to see her happy again.»

The puppies ended up at the shelter because they were not purebred and required additional care due to their young age. Now, thanks to Katya’s maternal instinct, they have a chance at a full and fulfilling life.

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