The cat that never had a home and she can’t believe that everything she sees is for her

The first few months of Jolie’s life were uncertain. She was found homeless in Florida, and then wandered between shelters and temporary families for overexposure. She just wanted to find some permanent home where she could finally relax.And when her future owner, Dina McCallum, found out about her, she knew she could give it to her.

She called the shelter because she immediately decided to adopt the charming Jolie and give her the permanent home she had always dreamed of. She wasn’t able to meet Jolie in person before picking her up and when she arrived, she was already in her carrier, so McCallum just grabbed her carrier and headed home.

At home, the kitty stuck her head out of the carrier and finally saw her new owner and new home. As Dina shares, at first Jolie was nervous and did not understand what was happening. But gradually I started to get used to it.

Jolie was definitely a little hesitant, but her new mom could tell from her expression that she too was just shocked that it was all for her. After such uncertainty, Jolie was finally at home.

While it was hard not to meet and chat with Jolie in person before taking her home, the look on her face when she first saw her new life was definitely worth the wait.

It took Jolie about a week to fully settle into her new home but once she realized she was here to stay, she began to relax. The hostess was amazed at how gentle and sweet she was. After everything she’d been through, she just wanted to be loved.

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