The cat was the first to feel that the dog was sick and immediately began to care for him

When the girl adopted the dog, a cat named Evlin already lived at home. Moreover, the mustachioed not only did not object to the new friend, but also reacted extremely positively to him, hospitably accepted, played and even washed the dog’s face.

Dog Baron grew up quickly.He was a healthy, active and playful pet. However, over time, warning signs began to appear.The dog suddenly fell down and convulsed. It happened rarely, but gradually became more frequent.

When examined at a veterinary clinic, Baron was prescribed medication. The pills stopped the convulsions, but under their influence the dog became indifferent to everything, did not play and constantly slept. Evlyn seemed to sense that something was wrong.

He lay down next to his friend, began to stroke him and lick his muzzle,showing his readiness to support with all his appearance. It is very unbelievable, but the cat’s care benefited the dog and despite the effect of the drugs, he tried to be more active, the attacks became even more rare and the Baron’s condition gradually improved.

But most of all, the hostess was surprised by the intuition of her pet, because he guessed about his friend’s illness on his own. And the care and help that the cat showed in relation to his beloved dog, his care and the efforts that he made to cheer up the unhealthy dog, touched the girl very much.

As you can see, not always cats and dogs are at enmity, often they can be really good friends. If you know such incredible friendship stories, write about them in the comments.

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