The community comes together and harvests 500 acres of late farmer’s corn.

Incredibly, so many people volunteered to help harvest the 500 acres of corn, that they had to turn some away.

When Dwayne Struck, aka Butch, passed away earlier this year, all of his friends were devastated.

The 77-year-old grew up in Montrose, South Dakota and married the love of his life, Bonnie, with whom she had three children.

The couple owned and operated Struck Oil for thirty years, until the early 1980s, when they moved to the farm where Butch and Bonnie lived.
Struck was not only a good businessman and farmer, but also a loving father and grandfather.At the same time, he was loved by everyone in the local community.

According to his best friend said, he was always ready to help others and often went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy and supported.

He was a past Mayor of Humboldt, a member of the Humboldt Township board, the Humboldt Elevator Board, a Humboldt Threshing Bee Committee member, and a member of the Humboldt Volunteer Fire Department for over 40 years.

He was a very nice person. He just loved his daily routine and enjoyed his morning coffee at the local cafe.

When he died suddenly in June, it was a shock for everyone around him.

He cared about everyone and the local community decided to do something to thank this amazing man, even if it happened after his death.

Farmers gathered to harvest the corn he planted a few months ago on his farm.
In fact, there were so many people who came to help that the Struk family had to send some of them away.

The man’s family couldn’t be more grateful as they see how much they really loved Butch.t’s so nice to see that people want to return the kindness they once received.

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