The couple brought home a blind kitten and then also decided to raise his beloved brother

Jen and Jenn have been caring for stray cats for nine years giving them a place to stay and looking for permanent homes. And somehow they came across a very special kitten, which due to health problems had to removed his eyes .

His name is Bop and his life story is really amazing.

Although he had no eyes, the funny boy made a very positive impression on Jen and Ian the first time they met. “I saw this little kitten who had just had his eyes removed. And he sat in a cage alone and tried to eat, ”said Jen. Jen thought the kid could get more food and better care at home. So the couple decided to take him home to take care of him.

Bop lost his eyesight, but his other senses became sharper. He surprised his owners with how well he adapted to his new home. He was still a playful cat and was in no way inferior to the others.

Jen and Ian were surprised that Bop didn’t stumble across anything. They believe that it was his excellent hearing that helped him move around the house without touching the furniture. Bop felt happy living under the attentive care and special love of the owners.

The couple soon called the shelter again to see if Bop had any siblings. It turned out that yes. Bop has an older brother who still lives in an orphanage. Later, Jen and Jan agreed to take him as well, as they wanted Bop to have a playmate.

Reunited with his brother, Bop was incredibly happy. Two small creatures become attached to each other very quickly. Seeing them every day, the spouses are simply touched; they feel happy. They are aware of the inextricable connection between them and adorable cats.

We hope Bop and Boop soon find a loving family for them that will agree to take them in together.

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