The deer looked into the store and decided to surprise the saleswoman

The week before the New Year holidays in stores is extremely busy. People hastily buy everything they need for themselves and gifts for their loved ones and relatives.

Sellers these days are used to a variety of buyers. However, a completely unexpected visitor looked into a small store in the American city of Fort Collins in Michigan … a deer herself.

Moreover, she walked with a confident step, as if she knew and planned in advance where to go and was going to buy New Year’s gifts.

Saleswoman Lori later shared that it looked incredibly funny and she couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the animal looking at the window with glasses and then moved on to chips.

Having carefully studied the assortment of the store, she was already going to have fun there, which she didn’t get better at all.And then the saleswoman lured the deer with a tasty treat. However, the incident did not end there. 30 minutes later, the whole deer family came into the store.

But, it is worth mentioning that the deer turned out to be very well-mannered. They stood at the threshold, as if asking Laurie for permission to go inside. This amused and touched the girl, but, unfortunately, she had no right to let the animals enter, but simply took a couple of shots with the forest guests and then lured them out with treats.

The town of Fort Collins is located at the foot of the cliffs and wild animals are found there in abundance, but the deer looked into the store for the first time.

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