The desperate eagle tried her best to fly, but could not

Alaskans spotted this female bald eagle in distress. She damaged the wing, got stuck and couldn’t get out on her own. The poor fellow was miraculously and very timely noticed.

Residents of Alaska not so long ago noticed an eagle in the forest, which was in trouble. A female bald eagle damaged her wing and got stuck after falling from a tree branch. She couldn’t get out on her own and she had only to wait until she was rescued.Fortunately, she was noticed in time and contacted the Alaska Raptor Center rescue center.

The staff brought the eagle to their center and named it Charlie. At first she was very scared and didn’t allow the volunteers to even touch her but then she was put on a special mask for protection and examined. It turned out that the poor fellow couldn’t fly because of the injuries.

Eaglet was treated in the intensive care unit for three days, after which she was transferred to the aviary. Charlie’s condition improved, but she was very careful and still stayed away from people.

A few days later she was placed with other eagles, where she became calmer.Apparently, having felt that no one would offend her and her relatives here.

Over time, Charlie became more active, her wing healed and one day the staff saw her first flight after being rescued. It was an amazing moment for all the caretakers.After all, they had been waiting so long for the eagle to be restored.

After some time, Charlie was ready for the next chapter.She finally recovered and the staff decided to release her back into the wild. This moment also touched all the employees, but Charlie calmly flew into the forest for sure, very grateful to the people for saving her.

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