The dog accepted itself to the fact that no one needed it and didn’t even raise its face but..

Tricia Carter’s family survived the loss of their dog Bailey, who was their favorite and everyone was sure that no other pet in the world could replace her.

But somehow a friend of Trisha sent her pictures of the cutest dog, which was an interesting cross between a bulldog and a pit bull. She decided that her family would probably agree to adopt a dog from the city shelter.

And the woman’s friend was right on goal. Seeing the photo of the animal, the family couldn’t help but think about it, and by the next morning, Trisha had gone to the shelter.

Little is known about the past of the dog. She must have been used for breeding, and as soon as she was unable to give birth, she was left. The cute dog’s name is Lola, and by the time she met Trisha, she was so drooping, as if resigned that no one needed her anymore.

It turned out that the potential owners took the dog and returned it again. Trisha realized that she had to give this animal a chance, but the most important thing for her was that the animal got along with her son. She brought the child to the orphanage and suddenly Lola’s behavior, tired of life and drooping, changed dramatically.

There was a feeling that the dog was just waiting for him for many years. She had a smile on her face that hasn’t faded to this day. From the first day the boy and the dog are inseparable and became the favorite of the whole family.

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