The dog brings «gifts» every time when his mistress is in the bathroom

A dog named Fin has a very cute and very strange habit. He brings «alms» to the bathroom door while the hostess takes a shower. This has already become his usual favorite pastime, and the owners can only guess what is the reason for such a cute behavior.

A dog named Fin lives happily with his mistress in the United States. From a very young age, this boy is very inquisitive and curious.He is constantly exploring something and according to the mistress, he turns every day into an adventure. But he has one favorite thing to do..

His favorite quest is to try to «appease» the hostess while she is in the bathroom. Apparently, the dog is frightened when the mistress is absent for so long, and he begins to bring various objects to the bathroom door. It’s like his mission is to offer «gifts» to rescue the hostess from this terrible bathroom.

Fin brings a variety of things: hangers, bottles, electrical tape, a broom hoping that at least some of this will help free the hostess or force her to open the door as soon as possible. And every time, leaving the shower, the hostess sees this picture: Fin stands at the door and holds something in his teeth or puts it on the floor.

“As my husband says, every time I go to wash, Fin brings different items to the door. Sometimes he even changes them or brings a lot, and when I get out of the shower, I see a whole set of alms on the floor,” says the owner of the dog.

Although this is a strange occupation, the owners only adore Fin even more for his curiosity and originality after all, he chooses different things every time. What a cute habit!

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