The dog brought his bun to a street stray cat who was hungry

This story is incredibly touching and managed to win the hearts of netizens around the world. A man passing by noticed this scene and could not remain indifferent, filming it and posting it on the social network.

Doggie Pudding brought a bun to a hungry stray cat. There was a feeling that the puppy knew or somehow felt that the fluffy was starving.

At first the kitten was a little afraid of an animal that could attack him. The owner of Pudding, who was then in the yard and walked with him, also witnessed this scene.

She was surprised by the act of the pet and, at the same time, incredibly touched by his generosity and kindness. This example clearly illustrates that cats and dogs are quite capable of making friends.

It was incredibly nice to watch that this little dog did for a homeless cat and he is also an example for all of us.

And when the kitten ate bread, the dog wagged his tail with delight.This is real kindness and we have a lot to learn from our smaller brothers, isn’t it?

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