The dog disappeared in the morning, and in the evening he returned a tired but…

The owners considered Luis an ordinary dog. He was taken from the shelter when he was still a baby and he grew up very quick-witted, kind and sociable.

One morning, the owners woke up and did not find the pet at home. For 12 years, she did not even try to run away, because she loved the caring owners very much.

They realized that the dog had escaped from the kitchen door, which hadn’t been locked at night. They began to look for him, but the search throughout the day didn’t lead to anything.

The owners were very upset, they thought that Luis was gone forever, but by late evening the dog showed up. He returned not as an ordinary dog, but as a recognized hero. The owners found out what was doing their favorite from a note left.It was written on it that Louis was a real hero who saved Missy, stuck in the branches. And a signature, Bob.

The family remembered that they have a neighbor, farmer Bob, and Missy is his beloved dog. Louis, in some way known only to him, felt that Missy was in trouble and rushed off to save her.
In the evening he returned very exhausted and slept through the night.

Later, they learned from Bob that Missy was stuck in the roots of a tree and probably would have stayed there if not for Louis. He found Missy, then ran to Bob and called him to come with him. For some time, Bob did not understand what the dog wanted, but he had to go and so he led the owner to Missy

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