The dog does not stop smiling, having received a small copy of his mistress’s chair as a gift

Franklin, a dachshund mix, is Lindsey Dyer’s favorite pet. The dog is good for everyone, but only very sticky and even let his mistress go to work with difficulty.

Moreover, if the domestic cat Bagheera may well be autonomous and play with other pets, then Dyer loves to sit on his mistress’s lap in his favorite gray chair and constantly cuddle.

When the pandemic began and the woman began to work remotely, the doggie would constantly sit in a chair and interfere with her. But the decision came unexpectedly.At IKEA, she drew attention to the same chair, only smaller and understood that it would be the perfect replacement and she would finally be able to work in peace.

“It was completely selfish of me to give him his own chair” she added.

When Dyer brought the miniature chair , she placed Franklin’s favorite soft toy on top of it, and he immediately understood. Franklin’s expression spoke for itself.

“It goes without saying that he is overjoyed,” Dyer said. «This is his favorite spot in my workplace.»

On the other hand, Franklin’s girlfriend, the cat, loves the small chair and has also declared it her favorite seat. Luckily, Franklin is extremely generous when it comes to Bagheera.

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