The dog doesn’t part with his favorite dog toy for a minute

A dog named Gumbo has an unusual friend a plush toy. And this friendship is incredibly touching. The dog constantly takes his friend with him and wears it in his teeth, even if he goes for a walk or relax with his owners in nature. Such a cutie!

The dog named Gumbo lives happily with his owners in the USA. He has a beloved mistress, a dog brother and also a plush friend, with whom he doesn’t part for a minute. This is a toy in the form of a dog, which the owner accidentally bought in a store five years ago.

At first, the hostess didn’t think that the dog would like the toy: «I just put the toy on the sofa and one day when I returned home, I saw that Gumbo was playing with her. From that day on, he constantly took the toy and then I allowed him to take it,» says the hostess.

Since then, Gumbo has been inseparable from his plush friend. The toy was even given a nickname Shrimp. The dog constantly wears a toy in his teeth and if he leaves it somewhere, then after a minute he returns and takes it with him. Gumbo wears it everywhere and even eats and sleeps with the toy.

According to the hostess, they often go on walks in nature and of course, Gumbo is always with his friend. «Shrimp has also become a member of our family. We did a photo shoot of dogs for the New Year, and he was in all the pictures. Now we can’t imagine life without him.» — says the hostess.

And yet Gumbo is always eager to show everyone his friend. Whoever he meets on his walks will surely come up and show them Shrimp, as if to say, «Look what a friend I have.» Look at this adorable couple:



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